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Headlines from The Jerusalem Post

"NGOs and NGO Activists Collaborate on Israel Apartheid Week 2011" - Mar. 8, 2011 - A history of "Israel Apartheid Week" stemming from the anti-Semitic Durban II UN Conference.

"Anti-Israel, pro-Israel weeks competing on U.S. campuses" - Feb. 28, 2011 - Competing pro- and anti-Israel campaigns are getting underway at North American colleges.

"Anti-Israel activists hound Israeli Arab diplomat" - Disruptions at Edinburgh University.

"11 Muslim Student Union members charged with disrupting Israeli ambassador's speech at UC Irvine" - Students conspire to disrupt a meeting.

"Op-Ed: The real danger of delegitimizing Israel on campus" - From the Executive Director of the David Project

"Anti-Israel Rhetoric Raises Alarms At Brooklyn College" - Growing aggressiveness of new Palestinian Club startles Jewish students on a relatively quiet campus.

"New Consensus Seen Emerging On Israel Education" - The Jewish Week looks at options for being "pro-Israel" on campus.

"The Delegitimization Dance" - An article from the Jewish Week about Hillel's new approach to tackling delegitimization.

"All is not well on the Eastern Front" - A look at anti-Israel activity on campuses in the East, from Jewish Press.

"Israel on Campus: Where are we?" - A detailed overview of the anti-Israel activity on campuses and some ways to combat it. here to read more

"Political Education - What will Columbia's new Center for Palestine Studies Become?" - "It can host academics interested in serious Palestine-related scholarship, or it can advance political interests under the guise of Palestine studies. Should it move in the latter direction, it could make the boundary between politics and scholarship more meaningless than ever." here to read more

crisis_on_campus  "Crisis on Campus" - Bridges for Peace looks at the growing anti-Israel movements on campus. here to read more

"Anti-Israel Groups Target Campuses" by Andrew L. Rosenkranz - The Florida regional director of the Anti-Defamation League evaluates anti-Israel activity that is not only happening in Florida, but in the rest of the country. here to read more


 VIDEO: What you need to know about the BDS movement -  Boycott.  Divestment.  Sanctions.  It's a growing, global anti-Israel campaign.  Know the facts, who's behind it, and what it means for the State of Israel.

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